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Maktun – is a completely free new app for numismatists.


·         Catalog of world coins, photo recognition, value estimation, collection manager.

·         Maktun already recognises  around 200,000 types of coins.

·         It suits both novice and experienced collectors.  

·         To install the app, search “Maktun” using Google.Play (Android)App Store(iOS) or Huawei AppGallery.

In Maktun you can


·       Recognise a coin.Take a photo of the coin from both sides and I will find it in my catalogue, which contains detailed information about 200,000 coins.

·       Get detailed information about the coin: country, nominal value, years of mintage, catalogue number, series, weight, dimensions and other details. Click "Details" and I'll tell you all I know about it.

·       Save photos of your coins.

·       Manage your collection. Add a coin to your collection and I'll save your photos and notes related to the coin.

·       Always have access to your collection. Sign up in the app and you'll be able to access your collection from other devices. You'll have access even with no internet collection.

·       Manage "Want in Exchange", "Want to Buy", "Want to Sell" lists. Add a coin to the list and I'll keep it in mind.

·       Estimate coin value. Press $ sign next to the coin and I'll show price lots that were sold on internet auctions in the last 6 months.

·       Store collection on our servers. If you wish, we could save a copy of your collection on our servers for free." Any information is saved on our server with your permission only.

·       Be sure about the safety of your collection, thanks to the backup system.

·       Share coins with friends and other numismatists.

·       Follow the new coins.

·       Completely free. No ads.

How to take a photo of a coin for optimal recognition?


·        Place the coin against a white background (e.g. White sheet of paper).

·        Hold the phone parallel to the coin.

·        If the photo is blurred, take a photo once again. If there is not enough light, turn on the flash. (You can do it directly from the app.)

·        It’s not necessary to hold a phone very close to the coin, making the coin fill the square completely. However, make sure that it’s fully inside the square shown on the screen. The coin must not emerge outside the square.

·       Sometimes flash is reflected from the coin. In this case, turn off the flash.

·       Please note, that the app cannot recognise tokens, medals, copies of non-existent coins, stamps, notes and other objects.